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918KISS – The Next Top Mobile Slot Games in 2018

Yes, 918KISS is gonna be the next hottest mobile slot games in 2018, especially in Malaysia. Why is that so? 918KISS is actually the latest version of the old SCR888. Everything remains the same. Not much difference you can find between 918KISS and SCR888, except its brand logo and theme colour.

We have already seen proven success and continuous efforts from the slot game development team of SCR888. Thus, we expect to see the same happening in 918KISS. More mobile slot games will be developed in coming months. Players would get to play more different and exciting mobile slot games on their smartphones.

Download 918KISS on Android APK and iOS Smartphones

As the two major mobile operating system in Malaysia, it’s very important if players can play its slot games on Android APK and iOS mobile devices. The good news is 918KISS does support both mobile operating system. But, how to actually download its slot games?

You may go to its official link for Android APK and iOS download: Other than that, you may also contact the first 918KISS online casino agent to ask for assistance. Our well-trained customer representatives would guide you how to download properly. Only few simple steps needed to complete the full installation.

Some would ask: is it better to play 918KISS slot games on Android APK, or iOS? Well, sometimes it’s really better to play slot games on iOS smartphone than Android APK. iOS appears to be a much more stable mobile operating system. You may consider use iPhone to play any mobile slot games to avoid game interruption.

3 Great Advantages of Playing 918KISS

Given so many slot game products in the market, what are the advantages of playing slot games in 918KISS? Let us show you some:

918Kiss Win Tips

1.Easy to Win

SCR888 has been famous for its high winning payout, so does 918KISS. Firstly, it’s so easy to learn how to play mobile slot games with 918KISS. All its slot games are designed in such a way that everyone can understand quickly. There are different ways and tricks to win from different slot games in 918KISS.

Not to mention about the big progressive jackpots as displayed at its game lobby, 918KISS tends to give a lots of free bonus games, free multipliers, and free spins to all its players. You would stand higher chance to win double, triple, or even ten times of your start up capital in 918KISS.
918Kiss Jackpot

2.Stable Online Slot Game Betting System

918KISS is said to have the most stable online slot game betting system in Malaysia. They have designed solid and highly stable security system to prevent hackers from hacking their centralized online betting system. The chances of entering their back-end server is close to ZERO!

As such, players could play slot games without the worries of getting hacked by others. Its payout algorithms are well-designed as well, using international online gambling standard as the cornerstone of their payout policy. With fair, transparent, and stable online gaming payout, we expect 918KISS to become the most trusted and reliable online slot game brand in Malaysia.

918Kiss Slot Game

3.Hack 918KISS Slot Games

Since 918KISS endorses exactly the same IT infrastructure as SCR888, there is still possibility that we are able to hack into its slot games for quick profits. However, it’s said that the company has greatly improved its internet security to some certain extents, thus it’s even harder to now to hack its games. Given its highly popularity in the local online casino industry, we believe very soon there will be ways to hack its slot games.

Do not believe those scammers selling hacking devices on Youtube. You might end up losing all your investments, while getting fake devices from them. Whether it’s possible to hack 918KISS, it remains as the biggest paradox in the local online slot gaming industry.

Real Life Experience of Playing 918KISS

918KISS was released on 5th January 2018 to replace the old SCR888. Not many people have played the latest game version. Luckily, we manage to interview one of the first players who has played 918KISS slot games. In order to protect his identity, we will name him after Jason in our game review.

Just like anyone else, Jason was shocked when he first saw the 918KISS new logo. That happened when he login to SCR888 game application in the morning of 5th January. Jason just received his salary for December, planning to win big from SCR888 slot games. Hee was forcefully asked to download the game updates, and then came this new brand logo.

At first Jason was so curious about this. He thought SCR888 company was bought over by another company. He then immediately contacted his online casino agent to find out the truth. After half and hour, his agent reverted with the news that SCR888 has started up a new brand – 918KISS.

Since it’s still under SCR888 headquarter, Jason re-gained his confidence towards this new brand. He quickly login to the game to find out if there is any major differences compared to the old version. Everything looks almost the same, except the brand logo, theme colour, and login page design.

Jason then quickly made cash deposit for game credit. He started to play Wukong in 918KISS, his favourite game of all time. With an initial capital of RM500, Jason ended up winning a little bit – about RM50 from the game. It’s been half an hour. Jason realised that it seems to be difficult to win from this game, and he decided to switch game.

The second game he played was Great Blue, another legendary mobile slot game as designed by Playtech. This is the time where he completely change over his life. With an initial capital of approximately RM550, Jason turned into a multi millionaire overnight.

How he did it? At the beginning, Jason kept getting free bonus games and free spins in Great Blue. After an hour, his capital rapidly grew into more than RM50,000. Bet per spin was about RM100. Within the next 3 hours, Jason kept receiving big surprises like minor jackpots, major jackpots, and grand jackpots.

Jason thought it was almost the end when his capital reached RM300,000. Just right before he wanted to stop playing the game, guess what happened? He stroke the progressive jackpots at game lobby! What the….It was close to RM2 millions!

I really wish I could be as lucky as Jason, do you?