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Play the SCR888 Malaysia Version

SCR888 is undeniably the most successful mobile slot games in the recent years. As a matter of fact, it has quickly risen as one of the most famous international brands in countries such as Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, and Indonesia.

In Malaysia, you are only allowed to play its MY Version denominated in RM (Ringgit Malaysia). It’s very important for you to play SCR888 games with the authorized online agents. Today, there are way too much dishonest agents that are beyond your imagination.

Mr.Ong has proudly been selected as the authorized online casino agents for SCR888 Malaysia version. We offer free SCR888 game IDs for players to login SCR888 slot games.

SCR888 Download on Android and IOS

SCR888 slot games can only be played on mobile devices. It supports both Android and IOS operating system. This is in line with the fact that most of the Malaysians are using Samsung and iPhone nowadays. But the question is, how to download the slot game application?

It’s as simple as ABC. For both Android and IOS phone users, you may go to to download for SCR888 slot games. It requires only a few simple steps for you to download the apps, then you can start playing the most amazing slot games in town!

Top 3 Hidden Secrets About SCR888

There are several hidden secrets behind the huge success of SCR888. Let us take a look at that:

Mr Ong SCR888 Win

1.High Winning Payout

It’s very natural that everyone wants to win from playing casino games. Having recognized the importance of this, SCR888 has adopted the highest winning payout policy in Malaysia to reward its players. More than half of the players have had experience of winning big in its slot games.

Its high winning payout policy has driven countless people to play its slot games. This is undoubtedly a game-changing event in Malaysia. Slot games again are highly sough-after within the local online gambling arena.

SCR888 Super Big Win

2.Non-stop Free Bonus Games

You would definitely find the true magic of SCR888 if you’ve played this game before. One of the game highlights is its high frequency of free bonus games given to the players. On average, you would get at least 2-3 free bonus spins within 30 minutes’ time. This would definitely increase your chances to win big along the game.

Mr Ong SCR888 Slot Game Malaysia

3.Hack-able Slot Games

Some say SCR888 slot games are hack-able. Nonetheless, no one has identified the authenticity of this and it remains as one of the biggest mysteries in the Malaysian online casino history.

We’ve seen dozens of hacking software being advertised on Facebook or Youtube. However, we would say most of it is just merely scam. Is it really possible to hack SCR888 slot games? Maybe you would have an answer for all of us.

Proven Winning Tips to Win from SCR888

We’ve interviewed one of the most experienced SCR888 players in Malaysia. His name is Andy. Andy told us how he managed to make himself rich from playing SCR888 games.

At the beginning, Andy was just like some of you, having lost a huge amount of money in online casino games. He nearly went into bankruptcy. Andy has tried playing almost all kinds of casino games in the market but got no chance to turnaround its losing position.

And then, SCR888 was launched to the Malaysia online casino industry in the form of Android version. Andy knew this game, from his experience of betting in Kedai Mesin. This could be the last hope for him to make some real cash.

At the beginning, he had no idea how to download the game. Andy then tried to get information from customer service representatives at Mr.Ong. Finally, he got to download SCR888 APK on his Samsung Note 4. That is when he started his endless winning journey.

At first, Andy was playing his all-time favourite mobile slot game – Great Blue. He had only RM1,000 cash left in his bank account. He turned to the max bet and hoped that he would strike a big win. This is the only last chance that he would able to save himself from poverty and starvation.

Unfortunately, he lost RM800 in Great Blue itself. He stopped playing this game and decided to take a deep breath. He asked for helped, mainly to get some free tips from his close friends.

Finally, one of them told him that Highway Kings might be the easiest-to-win slot game of all. He decided to risk all his game balance on this game. Yes, he did it! Thanks gods he stroke “5 of a kind” and won RM30,000 from Highway Kings. That was the time when Andy started to be in control of his own luck.

In the following months, Andy kept playing SCR888 slot games to increase his wealth. Of course, there were always ups and downs along the process. Given the high winning payout of SCR888, Andy finally made himself a rich man over a few months’ time.

This is just a real life example based on true story. You could be the next Andy. Who knows?